Helping Indiana Jones & June from Little Einsteins get off to school

Today was a dress-up day at school and my son who is currently[1] a raving Indiana[2] Jones fan, decided to go as his idol. The resemblance is uncanny, see for yourself:

image image

My daughter went as June from the Little Einsteins:

image image

Indy of course had his trusty satchel[3][5], but I don't remember if June has her trusty blankie and baggie of goldfish in the show.

[1] AKA until something better comes along. We thought Star Wars was here to stay because it lasted from Hannukah until his birthday six months later, and so all the kids in his class bought him star wars toy. Little did we know, that was the exact week that Lego Indiana Jones came out, and as a result Star Wars became dead to him.

[2] He says "in dee AHHH nuh"

[3] Although Jared insisted on calling it a purse, and who am I to correct him? I tried to call it a 'european carryall' once and he looked at me like I was from outer space[4].

[4] Not in that "Cool!! I'm five years old and you're from outer space and I like stuff from outer space!!" way - in that "I am channeling the look I will be giving you in ten years when I am an adolescent and you are way too uncool for me".

[5] I can't think of the word "Satchel" without thinking of Ford Prefect.