It's live...

They made a bunch of updates to the "Meet people who work at Microsoft" page, and I'm on the latest update:
I like the way mine turned out, although I did do a lot of heavy
editing as the first version they had from my interview made me sound
like a bill-worshipper because on the spur of the moment, the only
funny stories I could think of about work happened to both be bill
related (one of them was pretty stupid too, I rode up with him in an
elevator once and on one floor, a woman with a massive stuffed gorilla
got on and they started talking. Wow, what a great story, I can hear
you thinking! :-). I know we get criticized as a company a lot for
that, so I didn't want that to be the impression that job seekers took
away from my profile as that's not the point I wanted to make.

I love what it ended up as... it emphasizes work-life balance which is
obviously very important to me, the challenges and fun of working on a
variety of projects and the ownership you get when you do work on
something, and being empowered to make life at Microsoft better not
just for myself but for others.