Lost the addressbar from the taskbar with XP SP3?

A while ago, I did my civic duty and upgraded my XP box at home to SP3... and then immediately noticed that my beloved addressbar on the taskbar, by far one of my most favorite features of the OS for many years running, was missing. The bar itself wasn't there anymore, nor was the option available on the right click menu to add it back.

I was busy at the time so I didn't get around to finding out what happened to it, I just assumed it was a bug and went about my business. Today I got around to looking into this, only to find out that this was by design, according to this thread. There seems to be some confusion in the thread, so I don't know the official story... all I know is that I want my addressbar back.

Fortunately the second listing in the search results was to this post, which in turn pointed me at Muvenum's freeware addressbar replacement which I just installed, and it works just wonderfully. Although it's freeware, using the addressbar is one of those things that's pretty core to my experience, so I was happy to donate. I was also amused at the last step of the MuvEnum installation wizard which features that donation step quite prominently:


Kudos to them for quickly building and releasing such a useful app, and making it free. And because of the usable-but-not-annoying integration into the app, I also happily donated. If not for that I might have gotten distracted and moved onto something else :-)