Me Too!

Larry blogged a month ago about an "incident" we had internally in the vein of the infamous Bedlam DL3, and in the comment thread he mentioned that I was making a tshirt. The shirts arrived today and I spent a harried hour handing them out to roughly a bazillion people (I counted).

Here are the front and back, in the style of the original Bedlam shirts (out of curiosity, does anyone know who made that shirt?) but with a little twist all its own:

A larger-rez version of the back is available here so you can read the quotes.

I also tried to leave my mark on the shirt in a visible manner: I built in my name into the graphics I gave to the vendor (see here). Unfortunately I forgot to check for my signature on the proof, and it doesn't show up on the actual shirt!


At any rate, it was fun making the shirt, although I had no idea that it would take quite so much time to create, order, approve, receive and hand out the shirts to 300+ people, not to mention sinking $3k of my own money into the shirts on the assumption that I would recover it. (For any softies reading this who didn't get one, I do have some extras, mail me.)