Your personality summarized in 26 links. Or fewer, if you don't have a personality.

Bill posted this meme (which came from a bunch of people, as far back as this dude whose O was, hurrah!) and it caught my eye: Clear the address bar in your browser, type in every letter of the alphabet, and list out what is the first URL on the history list.

...Or, in my case, censor your list a wee bit to make you seem more interesting and diverse. Or at least to not give away secrets like how you shop at amazon and occasionally browse ebay. Occasionally.

A - - Halo 2 ending. Argh.
B -
C - C:\DCIM - my compact flash reader. See E.
D - - a parenting blog I enjoy
E - E:\... my system drive. Boy I wish I could swap out C and E.
F - (a guide on antique books)
G - I am such a girl.
H - - the MIT gallery of Hacks, I think LarryO pointed me at that recently.
I - - a search engine
J -, a really famous photograph of Churchill that has an interesting story behind it
K - - a recipe for Suf Ganiot, traditional jelly donuts for Hannukah. I didn't end up making this variety, and perhaps I should... the ones I made were not very sweet, not worth the calories.
L - - another parenting blog, the author frequently cracks me up. From yesterday's post:

I began with the tried-and-true parental icebreaker:

Me: “How old are your girls?”
Him: “These are my sister’s kids. She and my wife are upstairs sleeping off hangovers. So I’m sorta stuck with them.”

M - my home email server
N -, Jay Allen
O -
P -, toys for boys
Q -, ordering pizza online is goodness
R - I used to love because I could watch my favorite music video of all time, Blur's Coffee & TV (I just love that little milk carton). Recently I went back to get a fix, and was bummed to find out that the video was no longer available. Bummer!
S -, a very fascinating blog written by an American woman teaching school in Japan
T - hey, you read the headlines in the checkout line, admit it.
U - "Students will complete several activities that reinforce the concept that all simple machines transfer force."
V - - I was looking for geek-related jokes, and this URL looked promising. I thought it would be jokes about VB. I was wrong. I did enjoy this one, however, given that my father worked at Andersen for his entire career. He used to tell this joke: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, build doors." [these old-fashioned looking wooden double doors were the icon of Arthur or AC many years ago]
W - - boooooring. Aren't you wishing I'd censored W? Unfortunately the rest of the W's were just as dull, and I thought it would be cheating to scroll way down to the list to the link to my own blog.
X - I'm a coupon geek.
Y - Well, let's just say it was a page about the Hounen festival.
Z - Wow, nothing at all. Boooring. Let's make something up. Hrm... nope. Nothing interesting there. Ah, well.