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Passing arrays, key value pairs, and other collections to SQL stored procedures using table valued parameters.

Overview MS SQL server doesn’t support arrays or other collection data types, so we...

Author: Keith Babinec Date: 07/16/2014

Sending messages and commands to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine Guest OS using the KVP Exchange

Part 1: Overview Hyper-V virtual machines regularly need to communicate bits of information back to...

Author: Keith Babinec Date: 06/24/2014

Executing PowerShell scripts from C#

In today’s post, I will demonstrate the basics of how to execute PowerShell scripts and code...

Author: Keith Babinec Date: 04/28/2014

Collecting Name and Integer values from enum types in PowerShell

Introduction: We encounter enum types frequently when using PowerShell cmdlets. For anyone who...

Author: Keith Babinec Date: 06/09/2013

An Introduction to Error Handling in PowerShell

Today’s post (and this blog's inaugural post!) is An Introduction to Error Handling in...

Author: Keith Babinec Date: 06/09/2013