Get modern by upgrading your business to Windows 8 Pro today!

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. So, now is the time to get modern before the countdown ends, by upgrading to the fast and fluid Windows 8 Pro. With Windows 8 Pro, you can get it all done faster, safer, and easier than you ever imagined with an innovative line-upĀ  of PCs, laptops, convertibles and tablets.

Windows 8 Pro provides all this and more:

  1. Start faster, launch programs faster and open files faster with Windows 8 Pro.
  2. Windows 8 Pro helps protect your business better than Windows XP Professional* ever did.
  3. Even the simplest tasks like searching for files, opening apps and sharing documents are easier with Windows 8 Pro.

To help you with upgrading to Windows 8 Pro, we are providing you these three exciting offers:

  1. Buy Windows 8 licenses and get a deployment voucher of up to $1000*.
  2. Get 15% discount on Windows 8 Upgrade and Office 2013 Standard when purchased together today*.
  3. Get HP All-in-One Printer for every 5 Windows 8 PCs you buy**.

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**Offer valid in the UAE only.