Give your startup the boost it needs

Microsoft’s BizSpark initiative strives to encourage entrepreneurship and reduce the time and money you need to start a company. Through this initiative, Microsoft will provide technology and support for your startup and connect you with other startup owners, investors and influencers absolutely free of cost.

Technology to grow

With the latest business software, you can stay on top of the day-to-day aspects of your startup. BizSpark gives you access to the Windows 8 operating system, Windows Azure and other Microsoft platforms and application development tools. is a great example of how these platforms can help your startup prosper. With BizSpark, they found it very easy to be in the Azure cloud which enabled them to scale and grow rapidly. 

Support to excel

Having the best technology will not be beneficial without competent support and guidance. BizSpark offers you an exclusive Support Centre for the MEA region with access to a huge community of peers across the globe. You will also receive technical support managed by Microsoft. What’s more, training programmes are offered to increase the operational awareness of the BizSpark programme.

Community to collaborate

BizSpark’s most important aspect is that it will connect you with other entrepreneurs and startup owners. Using this network, you can deal with the various challenges that you might face in the early stages of setting up your business.  You will also be connected with a huge network of investors and other influencers that could potentially invest in your startup.

If you require any local support, contact MEA Startups Support Center at