Why Video Marketing is Essential for Your Small Business

Viral video marketing is becoming a more important and effective online marketing tactic. Various research has suggested that immediately after viewing a company’s video, consumers are far more likely to visit the company website, or contact the company via phone or email.

Entrepreneurs who are staying ahead of the evolving online marketing space now use video for many of their promotional campaigns alongside traditional online marketing strategies. They have learned to take the cue from large companies who are now embracing video marketing as a critical tool for increased traffic and accelerated revenue growth.

Adding video marketing to your marketing strategies can be fun and easy. However, with everything small business owners have on their plate, it’s probably difficult to imagine finding the time to produce and post videos online. But there are some compelling reasons to do it:

  1. It’s cheap: You can do it yourself with a digital video camera or even a cellphone that has a video camera built in.
  2. It attracts visual learners: As we’ve all learned in recent years, different people learn in different ways. Some people learn best by seeing things demonstrated rather than reading or listening to someone talk about it. Adding video allows you to better reach visually-oriented customers.
  3. It builds your search results: Search engines such a Bing and Google include content such as blogs, videos and images to what their engine indexes and returns as search results.
  4. It promotes your products or services: For retailers, what’s more likely to make a sale – a static picture on your website of your mobile app, or a video that shows how the app adds value to the user’s smartphone experience? If you’re a service business, video allows you to interest prospects by offering free samples of your trainings or seminars.
  5. It gives good customer service: Instead of handing them a lengthy installation manual, customers can play a video on your site and learn how to set up your product.
  6. It’s personal: When you speak on a video and post it online, you are directly engaging to hordes of prospective customers. It feels friendly and makes customers feel more comfortable contacting you.

Cleverly crafted videos with elements of humour, shock, entertainment and controversy will make it easy for your audience to recall not only what your video is about, but also your brand when it comes time to make a purchasing decision.

When planning your video marketing campaign, remember that, on average, it takes about seven exposures before a consumer will act upon something. So don’t produce one video and call it good; produce as many as possible and distribute them far and wide.

The time is ripe to start coming up with video marketing campaigns for your business. You’ll thank yourself when you see your business’ website traffic and revenue improve.