Windows 8 Pro: Built for Business, Compatible with Life

You and your business are facing a tremendous set of challenges in today's economic environment. Many of these challenges are unique to your business, but there are some challenges all businesses must face. One such challenge is how to deal with the ever-increasing and evolving demands being placed on businesses today. In order to meet these demands, you must constantly find new ways to operate, cut costs, and communicate, all in an effort to sharpen your competitive edge.

What if there was a faster, simpler, and better way to do it all? What if one solution, could help meet the needs of your business? What if it could deliver more productivity, security, control, flexibility, and balance? What if it was a better way to connect, a faster way to work, and a simpler way to manage? These are the demands your business faces. And those demands are all about to be met.

Introducing Windows 8 Pro – delivering new levels of integration, security, and productivity, all without sacrificing performance or choice.  Windows 8 Pro is built for business and compatible with life.

Every aspect of Windows 8 Pro was designed and built to meet the demands of your business, and your life. It starts with the completely re-imagined experience of Windows 8 where an intuitive interface puts the things you rely on most right in front of you. But the true power of Windows 8 Pro comes from its core collection of business-centric features that help you to:

  1. Get it all done
  2. Keep everything connected
  3. Protect your business
  4. Take control (of your business)

Get it all done
With Windows 8 Pro, you don’t have to sacrifice performance, security, or flexibility. You get it all in a personalized experience which allows you to choose how to work. 

  • Great experience across new tablets and your existing laptops and desktops
  • Get tablet mobility without sacrificing security, performance and power
  • Use touch or mouse and keyboard, whichever method works best for you and your business
  • Continue to work efficiently with your existing apps or the new Windows 8 Apps

Keep everything connected
Windows 8 Pro keeps it all at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Work fast and more secure from virtually anywhere with Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi and new mobility capabilities
  • Access your PC, files, apps and media from virtually anywhere with Remote Desktop
  • Get real time updates instantly on mail, messages, and people with the new Start Screen
  • Work on the road using offline server files

Protect your business
From power-on to power-off, Windows 8 provides a more secure foundation no matter where you choose to work.

  • Windows 8 ensures your device is secure every time it starts up with Trusted Boot
  • Protect your data even if your device is lost or stolen with BitLocker
  • Feel more secure no matter where you or your information goes by encrypting data on USB drives with BitLocker To Go
  • Download and browse on the web with confidence

Take control of your business
Managing your company’s technology needs has never been simpler. Windows 8 Pro lets you easily manage user settings, updates, and security options on all of your devices.

  • With one easy click reset tablets, laptops and desktops to manufacturer settings
  • Connect to business networks easily
  • Take control of tablets, laptops, desktops and user settings
  • Windows 8 is designed to deploy and work right alongside your Windows 7 systems

Now is the right time to move to Windows 8 Pro. Moving to Windows 8 Pro helps you simplify everyday tasks, helps make your PC safer, and makes new things possible.

Please not that, if you are running Windows XP on your PCs, you should take action. Windows XP Support will end April 8th, 2014. After that date, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates for Windows XP. 

For more information on Windows 8 Pro visit and get in touch with your Microsoft Partner today.