Cruising in Desolation Sound and the Software Factories Article

It's been a busy week getting ready for my family vacation. Next week for three weeks, my family plus a group of other boating families are taking off for three weeks of motor cruising in Desolation Sound, B.C. This area is about 200 nautical miles from Seattle in the Southerly parts of the Inside Passage. We're all looking forward to it. Anyone who has visited that region will know how beautiful it is, and how delightful it is to cruise there - not the least of which is that, due to some geographical freak, the water is over 70 degrees - very nice to jump off the boats and bathe in. Anyone who has visited the Seattle area will know just how pleasant that is, given that the local ocean water is perishing cold!

But as promised in an earlier posting, here’s a link to the Software Factory article Jack Greenfield and I published in Software Development, July 2004. I'll pick up the dialog when I return.