Microsoft's Modeling Strategy

My team has written a document that explains Microsoft’s Modeling Strategy and addresses a number of FAQ’s we get from customers and partners. The outline is:

Why Modeling?
How Are DSLs Used in Model-Driven Development?
What About UML?
What About MDA?
What Are Software Factories?
Other Frequently Asked Questions

Astute readers of my blog may even recognize parts of this document that have appeared in earlier postings. That’s a great value to us of blogs – getting feedback on how we communicate products and strategies so we can improve our ideas.  We’d love to get feedback on this document too.


Steve Cook posted these links too, but I do not suffer the same anguish that he does over British/American spelling. I guess I’ve lived in the USA for too long now to continue worrying about that, and happily type ‘z’s instead of ‘s’s with hardly a thought.