Recent Postings by Enterprise Tools Architects

I’ve been lax with my blog for the last two months. I plan to do better this year! During the last two months, we have of course shipped Visual Studio 2005 so our modeling tools for developers and architects finally are in the hands of customers. This has been very exciting!


There are a couple of recent postings by architects in the team that I wanted to advertise.


Firstly, Bill Gibson, a long time colleague of mine both at Microsoft and before, has written a set of Technical Notes which I think offer invaluable advice to users of our tools in Visual Studio Team System 2005 edition for Architects. Among other helpful insights, Bill describes ways to use the tools that many users will find helpful. You can find these indexed on Bill’s blog here.


Also, in response to a question posed by Tad Anderson about our DSL strategy, VSTS and Software Architecture (posting is here), Jack Greenfield wrote a great summary of our Software Factories approach that is embellished with several up-to-date links to various podcasts, papers and other references. I can definitely recommend reading Jack’s posting here.