Software Factories & DSLs

A couple of interesting items have appeared recently that will be of interest to folks following our stories on Software Factories and DSL’s.  I had posted earlier some examples of Software Factories that generated quite a bit of comment from readers. We have had a team of people working on a specification for implementing business-to-business interactions under HL7 (Health Level 7) – a set of standards for B2B communications in the Health industry. Since building these kinds of systems uses common design patterns, common tooling, and the implementations share a common architecture across a diverse range of applications and scenarios, they are ideally suited to a Software Factory approach.  You can read about this on MSDN here.


Renowned author and industry leader Martin Fowler has published an excellent set of papers describing the use of DSLs in the development process. The starting point is a paper entitled “Language Workbenches: The Killer Application for Domain Specific Languages”.


I thoroughly recommend the article.