A More Secure and Well Managed Infrastructure - links from the webcast

MOFToday we kicked of an eighteen part webcast series titled, “A More Secure and Well Managed Infrastructure”.  As with any good name, most of us are referring to it internally as SWMI (pronounced Swimee). 

During the course of part one, I did some desktop sharing to show you the various areas on the web to grab supporting documentation for the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and the Windows Server System Reference Architecture (WSSRA).

I heard after the webcast that the recording may have stopped about halfway through the webcast.  That is a bummer because it means you likely missed Elvis barking at the FedEx dude.  Yea, my dog has a blog.  Doesn’t everyone?  He hasn’t blogged lately cause he’s been chasing all of the squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.  I’m sure as it starts getting rainy and cold, he’ll add some more entries about summer fleas and such.

Anyway, here are some of the promised links to the various websites we visited.  I’m also testing some desktop capture software so I’ll be doing some technology drill downs over the next few months and streaming them to your desktop.  Cheers!!!

MOF Related

Microsoft Operations Framework Portal (MOF) – the starting point for the various downloads, docs and descriptions of the framework and its history.

Microsoft TechNet Management and Operations – solution accelerators and operations guides.  This is a really good resource for permanent book-marking.

Windows Server System Reference Architecture – if you go here, you’ll find a lot of treasures.

Microsoft TechNet Virtual Labs – this is an awesome resource and methods to test-drive Microsoft products without having to setup your own VM’s or test environment.

ITIL Related

IT Infrastructure Library portal – “the key to managing IT services” from our friends across the pond.  I also showed you the Successful Delivery Toolkit and their Best Practice area.