There Is A Santa Claus!!!

So I’m off at a team meeting this week and as usual, bored with the subject we are listening to. I glance over the internal Xbox alias discussion and notice there is a large thread about Costco. On further investigation, it appears the Costco stores are going to be selling their next batch of Xbox 360 bundles Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, I’m traveling from Las Vegas back to Dallas Saturday morning (Vegas time). So what's a hard-core gamer do? Uh, pick up the phone and call the better half to see what her agenda looks like for Saturday morning.

On launch day (November 22, 2005), the Costco in Southlake, Texas was taking names and issuing vouchers for the purchase. You just drove up and added you name to the list and came back at 9:30 to get in line. Is that kewl or what? However, this time they are making people wait. I didn’t know that but as I find out later, my honey waits in line for three hours to get my Xbox360. When you get married, you’d better find a woman like that!!! Nacheska is the best!!!

My wife owns a store just around the corner from Costco. So I’m thinking she is going to go by, get on the list and go do stuff at her shop. The stuff to do there never ends so I know it won’t be a total waste of her time. Like I said though, everyone isn’t leaving and apparently they didn’t tell the folks in line how many Xboxes are inside. The dude that is first place in the line offers to go to Starbucks and get everyone coffees if they save his place. This is a no brainer. So he goes and comes back with the orders for everyone. He won’t take any money and says “Merry Christmas”. As I understand it, he’s an executive for Verisign and just asked everyone to contribute the equivalent dollars to the Salvation Army bell ringers the next time we bump into one. That’s the Christmas spirit folks!!!

Like one of my internal colleagues said, what a reason not to be in Vegas. I totally agree. Nacheska rocks!!!