Verizon FIOS Turns Three - ups the ante

The Verizon fiber optic data service called FIOS is having it's third birthday here in the US, and to celebrate, Verizon is rolling out new plans.  I'll be calling them later this morning and if the news is true, I'll have to decide what new service I want.  Considering uploading video and other large binary blobs is getting harder, I'm very tempted to sign up for the symmetrical 20/20 plan.  Yea, that's 20meg speeds both directions.

I have the 15/2 plan at the moment, and I believe if I do nothing, my plan will automatically change to the 20/5.  It could be changed to the 10/2 plan.  I really don't know, but I know it's going to change since I'm month-to-month and they no longer offer my plan.

Here are the plans for my zip code. Just think, 100meg speeds are just around the corner.  When that happens, HD movie downloads become a reality. Rad man.


Looks like the ante for the cable providers just got increased.  Get some popcorn.  Turmoil to follow.