Would someone please bring a good phone to the US ?

TouchDual Let's face it, the Windows Mobile device market in the US just isn't as fun as the markets in other parts of the world.  Sure the Apple iPhone is fun and popular, but it doesn't sync my email. 

I'd like a kewl phone that is first and foremost, a phone.  I would like it to be small.  I would like a keyboard that is unobtrusive.

I need my phone to access my corporate email.  It needs to have a delete key.  Grin.

It would seem the HTC Touch Dual fits the bill nicely.  Maybe the HTC S730.  Sorry, I am reluctant to make the plunge into the HTC Touch with no keyboard.

HTC_S730_frontThere's just one problem.  Neither is sold in the US.  Sure I can buy one, but have you looked at the prices?  Anyone know where I can get one for $150 US new?  How about $300?  Exactly.  Nowhere.

Most of the sliders in the US are too big.  The HTC TyTN II style devices are a little too big and clunky to me.  I had a Mobile 5 PPC device that was similar and didn't like it.  I am a Smartphone fan and love the candy bar form factor.  The HTC Touch is small and cute.  The iPhone is sexy.

I think the iPhone would be perfect if it had 32GB of storage, had Microsoft Exchange server email support, and cost about $300.  I know it's a pipe dream but dreams are free.  Anyone want to speculate on what Apple will announce in January?

So I'm here stuck in the US and have four carrier choices where I live.  Verizon appears to have the fastest most stable cell network.  Their EVDO network rocks but their device choices don't.  Then there's Sprint.  Better device choices but the network isn't up to par, yet.  And of course there's AT&T or T-Mobile.  AT&T is supposed to have 3G coverage at my house but after reporting it three weeks ago, it still isn't fixed.  T-Mobile really needs to get into the game.  GPRS/EDGE, give me a break.

So until the market changes, I guess I'll stick with the GSM ATT Palm Treo 750.  The honeymoon is over with it already primarily because of the AT&T billing hassles I've had which started day one in July.  I'm hopeful they may actually be fixed, finally.  After five months, one would hope so.  Good thing I got the phone for free.

Merry Christmas or ba humbug?  Any better in Europe?