Build Your Cloud - Migrating Cloud VMs from Amazon AWS to Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

UPDATE: Cloud Spectator recently released an independent study using standard Unixbench testing - Comparative IaaS Report: Analysis of 5 Large IaaS Providers  - that concluded the following verbatim results regarding Windows Azure Infrastructure Services:

  • "On average, the highest-performance provider over the test period is Windows Azure, and the lowest performance provider is Amazon EC2."

  • "The difference in performance: Windows Azure scores 3 times higher than Amazon EC2 on average"

  • "Windows Azure, the highest-value provider in this scenario, provides 5x more value than on average throughout the 5-day test period than the lowest-value provider, Rackspace"

If you're using another IaaS Cloud Provider today, be sure to leverage the steps and hands-on walk-through below to see how you can easily move to Windows Azure and begin capitalizing on these benefits for your applications!

Today, in the next episode of our Build Your Private Cloud in a Month series, I'll walkthrough another round of virtual machine migration steps.  This time, I’ll review the process for migrating existing Cloud VMs from Amazon AWS ( or other cloud providers ) to Windows Azure Infrastructure Services. Using these steps, you'll be able to quickly migrate to Windows Azure to take advantage of the key benefits that other IT Pros are already seeing around cost savings, strong SLA, VM portability and unified cross-premises management.

Migrating Cloud VMs from Amazon AWS to Windows Azure

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Specific topics covered in this episode include:

  • [ 01:34 ]  What are the key advantages that other IT Pros are seeing after switching from Amazon AWS to Windows Azure?
  • [ 05:15Demo: End-to-end migration Amazon AWS to Windows Azure

HANDS-ON! Ready to make the move?

Check-out our step-by-step Hands-on Guided Lab to walk through the steps I demonstrated in this video for yourself.  Once you’ve completed this lab, you’ll be prepared with all the steps needed to migrate your Cloud VMs to Windows Azure Infrastructure Services!

What’s Next?

After reviewing this video, get prepared to explore the Hybrid Cloud management capabilities of System Center 2012 with these downloadable resources:

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Are You in The Clouds With Me?

What are your thoughts around the VM migration process that I demonstrated in this episode? Feel free to share your comments and thoughts below!

- Keith