Join me in the Cloud: FREE Hands-on Events for Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks

Over the next several weeks, there’s lots of opportunities for getting hands-on experience with Window Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks – both in-person and online!  At the events below, you’ll learn about leveraging the Windows Azure cloud platform to build VMs and Virtual Networks in the cloud, have the opportunity to ask live questions, and be able to step through the tasks for yourself using our Windows Azure Free 90-Day Trial!

And ... if you sign-up for a Windows Azure Free Trial in February, find out below how to enter to win some fabulous prizes! ( US Only )

Sounds great! Where do I register?

Register for any of our upcoming online or in-person events using the links below:

What do I need for these events?

To participate in the hands-on portion of these events, bring a modern laptop running Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OSx or Linux.  You’ll be connecting via the Internet to the Windows Azure cloud fabric for hands-on lab exercises.

You’ll also need the following:

  • A Windows Azure subscription with the Virtual Machines Preview enabled

Don’t have a Windows Azure subscription? You can get one for FREE for 90-Days with up to 750 monthly compute hours and 35GB of replicated storage ( a value of over $300 USD for FREE! )

NOTE: When activating your FREE Trial for Windows Azure, you will be prompted for credit card information.  This information is used only to validate your identity and your credit card will not be charged, unless you explicitly convert your FREE Trial account to a paid subscription at a later point in time.

If you already have a paid subscription or MSDN subscription for Windows Azure, please ensure that you have activated the Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks Preview Feature.  When signing up for a free trial account, this feature will automatically be activated.

  • Remote Desktop Connection software installed
    • Windows 7 or Windows 8: Remote Desktop Connection software is pre-installed with the Operating System.
    • Mac: Download the Remote Desktop Connection software for Mac.
    • Linux: Download the 2X Remote Desktop client software for Linux.

FREE Hands-on Events and Cool Prizes too?

YES! If you attend one of the February hands-on events or activate a Windows Azure 90-Day FREE subscription prior to Feb 28th, you can also enter to win a Microsoft Surface or Microsoft certification exam voucher at the link below ( US residents only ).

See you there!

I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming hands-on events on Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks!