Quick Tip: List all Static IPs on an Azure Virtual Network using PowerShell

We can assign static internal IP addresses for Azure Virtual Machines on a Virtual Network using either PowerShell or the new Azure Preview Portal. This is a useful capability for provisioning VM workloads that may require fixed IP address assignments, such as DNS servers.

Provisioning a VM with a Static internal IP address using Azure Preview Portal

Question: After provisioning a set of VM's with static internal IP addresses, how can I display a list of all VMs with static addresses in my subscription?

Answer: You can list all Azure VM's configured with static internal IP addresses in your Azure subscription with the following one-line PowerShell code snippet that leverages the Azure PowerShell Module.

Get-AzureVM | Select-Object -Property Name, @{Name='StaticIP';Expression={(Get-AzureStaticVNetIP -VM $_ ).IPAddress}}