Top Local Apps - Sharing Documents is a Breeze with FREE Social App for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

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This month, my good friends and colleagues, Matt Hester, Brian Lewis, Kevin Remde, and I are spreading a bit of holiday app cheer by highlighting our favorite Windows 8 apps published by local developers in our community. Throughout this month, we'll be sharing various Top Local Apps. Be sure to download each app and let us know what you think in the comment's below!

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In my current role at Microsoft, I deliver lots of presentations and technical events almost every week.  To have the greatest impact, I often find myself tweaking my slide decks just prior to a presentation to address points brought up in pre-event discussions with attendees – but, this can make sharing the latest copy of my decks and resources a bit challenging, because my files are always changing.

Luckily, with sharing your latest documents socially can be a breeze!

phrizbe-medium is a FREE App for Windows 8 and Windows Phone that allows you to easily share the latest up-to-the-minute documents within anyone near or far.  When presenting at an event, I use to locate all other nearby attendees and quickly share my deck and resources with them – regardless if they are using a Windows device, iOS device or Android device.

DO IT: Be sure to grab your free copy of today … sharing documents will never be the same for you again!


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