Windows Server 2016 Storage will Blow Your Mind! - Part 2

The second in a three part series covering the amazing storage features found in Windows Server 2016. In this second video we will focus on the amazing capabilities provided by Storage Replica features in Windows Server 2016.

[caption id="attachment_8715" align="alignnone" width="510"]Windows Server 2016 Storage Replica Windows Server 2016 Storage Replica[/caption]

  • [1:10] What is Storage Replica?
  • [2:24] What is Block Level Replication and why is this important vs. file copying?
  • [4:50]  What are the differences between synchronous and asynchronous replication? And which one does Storage Replica do?
  • [9:26] Are there any other uses for Storage Replica outside of Disaster Recovery?
  • [11:43] How is this different than DFS replica?

Want to try out Storage Replica? Use this set of ARM templates to deploy Storage Replica in the Cloud in your own Azure Subscription: