Groove Data Bridge - Create a GFS Space

Create a Groove File Share using the Groove Data Bridge and invite people in using the GDB. 

To do this you must have the contacts Vcards of the people you are trying to share files with.

First goto and install the Groove Web Service Helpers. You can take the code or the binaries.

These are web Service helpers that enable you to perform all the functionality of the Groove client using the GDB

Create a config file(Install it anywhere - It saves you reentering data all the time):

 <Parameter Name="Account" Value="YOUR_URI_VALUE" />
 <Parameter Name="Identity" Value="YOUR_URI_VALUE/>
 <Parameter Name="Host" Value="HTTP://localhost:9080" />
 <Parameter Name="RequestKey" Value="GET_THIS_FROM_THE_REGISTRY" />
 <Parameter Name="Space"Value="YOUR_URI_VALUE" />
 <Parameter Name="Contact" Value="YOUR_URI_VALUE/>

You can get all these values from GrooveDir /? for all the values except the RequestKey( Search for LocalRequestKey)

You will need to make sure the webservices are activated in the GDB management console first too

To Create the GFS do the following:

  1. Open the command Prompt and map to GrooveCreateSpace
  2. GrooveCreateSpace /x=c:\config.txt /GFSPath=C:\GFS\Test /Name=Test

To then invite someone into your new GFS

  1. 1. GrooveDir /f to get the URI of the new new GFS you created
  2. Enter the new URI in the Config file.
  3. GrooveInviteToSpace /x=C:\Config.txt
  4. The user should now get a invite to a shared GFS on the GDB.

Thats it, you should be up an running