AIP Scanner Express (Fully Functional in 10 minutes!)

The Scenario:

You have been trying to install the AIP Scanner and have found that despite all the fancy screenshots and witty remarks I have throughout all of my posts, it takes a long time to configure the Azure AD App Registrations and often fails the first time around.  Well, those days are past us now.  I spent way too many hours developing a scripted method that allows for the automation of the creation of the Azure AD App Registrations and even a cloud account if you are not fond of syncing your service accounts to Azure.  I figured, if it was even painful for me to deploy the scanner...I needed to find a way to make it easier.  So the new solution will allow you to fully deploy the scanner in less than 10 minutes (I have done it in 4 actually), but that is assuming that you already have the AIP Client and Azure AD PowerShell Cmdlets installed, and a SQL Server ready, so there may be a little more time involved (but not too much).  The greatest part is that by using the PS Cmdlets for the Azure AD App Registrations, it removes the possibility of making a mistake when configuring them (something I must say I have done quite a few times). :-)

The Solution:

As per my previous post, please check out the stunning conclusion to this blog post on our official AIP blog at and bookmark for future exciting content from yours truly (I will of course keep writing my fun scenarios here, but the solutions will all be over in the grown-up blog).