RichCopy Build 4.0.216 has been posted to the Microsoft Download Center.

I am so surprised there are so many IT professionals who are looking for rich featured file copy tools. Since RichCopy became publicly available from the Microsoft download center, I am receiving tons of emails such as questions, bug reports, feature requests. I am sorry that I am not able to respond to all of your e-mails, however I will answer most of them in my blog. Some of you may have noticed that RichCopy package on Microsoft download center has been replaced with a new build which is Version 4.0.216. There is no additional features, but the following bugs have been fixed in this release.

1. Cannot copy security information when /CSA /CSD /CSG /CSO /CSS options are specified or equivalent options are set in the option dialog.
2. Logging information is truncated when RichCopy is executed from the command line.
3. Destination path got corrupted when RichCopy is executed from the command line. (rarely happens..)
4. There is no description of file and directory filtering command parameters in the helpfile…

Currently installed RichCopy has to be removed before installing the new version.

One thing I found is,
There must be many users who use RichCopy to copy only updated files. Most of users assign only 1 thread for directory search; however you can dramatically accelerate the performance of source and destination comparison by assigning multiple threads, especially this works well when files are distributed to multiple directories as RichCopy assign 1 thread to each directory search, not a tree.

Here is an example. (local to local, but different storage)

(1 million files in source and destination)
Thread # for Directory Search
1 about 10 minutes
2 about 6 minutes
4 about 2 minutes
8 about 1 minutes