Content Type Hub and Content Type Inheritance

I was trying to find details on why my out of the box Content Types (Publishing Pages, etc.) were getting wiped (removed) whenever I was deploying my content types which were inheriting from a Parent content type that was deployed on the content type hub but the wsp not being deployed on the Content Farm. Here was my question and the answer I got from my colleague Sowmyan Soman thought of sharing with the wide word :) so you dont waste a lot of time and get to the next step ;-).


We have deployed a content type to Content Type Hub (CT1) thru a wsp and now we have 2 more content types which are derived from that content type (CT1). Content type hub is in different farm so wsp is deployed there and the consuming Farm doesn't have that wsp but the other 2 content types (CT2 and CT3) are deployed thru wsp to the Content Farm. 

So basically

1. Content Type Hub Farm contains one wsp with CT1

2. Content Farm contains one wsp with CT2 and CT3 (so no wsp for CT1 on this farm) 

Now whenever the CT2 and CT3 wsp is deployed to the content Farm all the Publishing content type (out of the box) are not displayed in the content type gallery. But when I deploy the wsp for CT1 to the Content Farm everything comes back to normalcy, so I am not sure if the CT1 wsp needs to be deployed to the Content Farm as well?


CT1 wsp has to be deployed to the content farm, as the Content Type Hub-Subscriber thing uses the content deployment (API) behind the scene, so any custom stuffs has to be there in the target. Exceptions can be visible in the ULS Logs (for the Subscriber Timer Job) in your Content Farm.