How to make SIMPLE.aspx page in _catalogs/users list viewable (MOSS)

In case if you don't know there is a hidden list named "USER INFORMATION LIST" which displays all the users of the site (collection) {MOSS / Sharepoint 2007}. And there is a page "Simple.aspx"  which show this list, the url for the page would be http://URSITENAME/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx normally no one has access to this list (except for the admin) and as the list is hidden it is not viewable in the "view all site contents" too. You will have to open you site in SPD and then click on _catalogs + and then you should see the "USER INFORMATION LIST" under it.

So how do you grant permissions on this list, simple follow these steps:

1. Open the site in SPD

2. Right click on the Users (User Information list) under _catalogs and select properties, goto SECURITY tab and under this you should see a link "Manage permissions using the browser" click on that.

3. This will take you to browser with add users to list, follow the normal procedure to add users to permission for that list.

Hope this helps.