MOSS publishing sites

I thought of sharing some of the important and useful links for Publishing sites:


Following command can be used to fix an issue with upgraded/ imported site to new farms:


Dealing with Content Editor web part when migrating sites from Stage to Prod:


This article will help in gathering information and implementing a localized XSLT for CQWP. Generally XSLT doesnt support localization out of the box (for e.g. READ MORE.... kind of links that are added thru XSLT :


This is an enhanced RTE that can be used to allow vidoes/flash players:


This is MSIT implemented CQWP with dynamic filtering:


How to use CEWP to display a simple SEARCH Box:


This utility allows you to generate a Page Layout from a content type without any HTML code in it, so that this can then be handed over to the designer for placing the controls as required:


This utility should help us reducing the size of the Java script files to achieve page optimization. This utility should be used before uploading the js files to the Styles or any other document library :


The command PublishAllItems will traverse a site collection, check-in any checked-out items, approve any pending approval, and publish all items (very helpful while doing the development):


Object Caching:



Optimizing the Images :


Locking down a Internet facing Sharepoint Site: