MOSS training

So one of my colleagues happened to ask me if we have any public links for end user training on Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS) and I found following are some of things that can come handy:


Following also should help:

o Introducing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

o Introduction to sites, workspaces, and pages

o Introduction to My Site

o Introduction to libraries

o Create a library

o Add one or more files to a library

o Open or edit files in a library

o View or change information about a file or folder in a library

o Set up templates for a library

o Delete a library

o Introduction to lists

o Create a list

o Delete a list

o Manage list templates

o Managing lists or libraries with many items

o Create a blog

o Create a dashboard

o View a list of sites

o View and analyze survey results

o Search for text or files on a site

o Create or change a view

o Show or hide columns in a view

o Introduction to versioning

o Enable and configure versioning for a list or library

o View version history of an item or file

o Restore a previous version of an item or file

o Copy a file to another location

o Check out and edit a file

o Check in a file

o Undo check-out and discard changes to a file

o Require check-out for files in a library

o Require approval of items or files in a list or library

o Use a workflow to manage content approval for a library

o Manage alerts

o Create an alert or subscribe to an RSS Feed

o Cancel an alert or unsubscribe to an RSS Feed

o Introduction to incoming email

o Add content to sites by sending email

o Send email to members of a SharePoint group

o Enable and configure email support for a list or library

o Store and manage contact information

o Create a Meeting Workspace site

o Customize a Meeting Workspace site

o Add, change, and delete pages in a Meeting Workspace site

o Manage the attendees in a Meeting Workspace site

o Assign and track tasks in a Meeting Workspace site

o Create and manage a Document Workspace

o Manage your documents and tasks on your My Site

o About security features of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

o About controlling access to sites and site content

o Permission levels and permissions

o Manage permission levels

o Manage permissions for a list, library, folder, document, or list item

o About managing SharePoint groups and users

o Manage SharePoint groups

o View users and SharePoint groups and edit the Quick Launch group list

o Remove users and groups from site access

o Enable anonymous access

o Configure permissions for a blog

o Apply Information Rights Management to a list or library

o Introduction to customizing sites and pages

o Change the default image on the home page

o Change the site colour or theme

o Introduction to site navigation

o Customize site navigation

o Configure and manage a shared navigation structure across sites

o Default site templates

o Create or edit a master page

o Plan the structure of site collections and sites

o Introduction to customizing pages by using Web Parts

o Add or remove a Web Part

o Customize Web Parts

o Customize a Web Part Page

o Connect data in Web Parts

o List View Web Part

o Page Viewer Web Part

o Image Web Part

o Site Users Web Part

o Content Editor Web Part

o XML Web Part

o Form Web Part

o Create a site column

o Introduction to content types

o Create a site content type

o Change a content type for a list or library

o Add an existing content type to a list or library

o Turn on support for multiple content types in a list or library

o Introduction to workflows

o Use a Three-state workflow

o Add or change a workflow for a list, library, or content type

o Remove a workflow from a list, library, or content type

o Manually start a workflow on a document or item

o Complete a workflow task

o View workflow tasks

o View the status of a workflow in progress

o Cancel a workflow in progress

o Introduction to Business Intelligence features

o Create and publish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

o Introduction to Excel Services and Excel Web Access