VSS 8 setup for http (internet) access with Win 2003 and IIS 6

Whenever you install VSS 8 for http/https access (for internet), and you try to check-in or check-out the document, you get some error like "Failure upload the URL".
This seems to be a bug with the VSS Admin tool which is fixed in next version.
I have noticed that when enabling internet access via VSS Admin tool, it creates virtual dir with Vssservice.asmx but does not add upload and download db directories under virtual directory Sourcesafe in IIS 6.0, even if they are created in for Sourcesafe db prepared dir.

Meanwhile to get things started and working the workaround is to create a SourceSafe and corresponding sub-dirs in IIS in a way VSSAdmin tool should do, and at the end of srcsafe.ini file append following lines:
DownloadVDir = VssDownload_db1
UploadVDir = VssUpload_db1
Web_Service = http://MyWebSite/SourceSafe/VssService.asmx

It looks like VSSAdmin tool had some issues with win2003 in CTPs prior to April which now is getting fixed.

Also make sure the person/login has write access enabled for the upload virtual folder in IIS (It’s in Directory Tab of this virtual folder properties). Check if the user has permissions to write into the VssWebUpload folder under the database folder.
Make sure vssUpload_db1 virtual folder is pointing to this VssWebUpload folder
One thing I have observed that even after doing all above mentioned steps, sometimes we also need to do following:

1. Mark all the IIS VSS related folders with write permission including the sub-folders.
2. The CREATE_OWNER account group requires full control (at least the write permission) on the VSS Shared folders (including the sub-folders).

After this everything should work fine.