Winter Sports app available for PCs, tablets and Surface

Winter Sports for PCs and Tablets


For all snow-sports enthusiasts, Winter Sports is this season’s must have app for your Surface tablets and any Windows PC and Windows Phone. If you like skiing, snowboarding or any winter activity, Winter Sports is an official app of Professional Ski and Snowboard Instructors of America. Winter Ski & Ride for Windows Phone is the companion app for Winter Sports, has been translated to 10 languages and is crazy popular with skiers and snowboarders around the world, overall quarter of a million users. Now, there’s a large screen version of the app with tons of new capabilities, in case you want to show off your skiing or snowboarding to your friends, import data from other apps and devices.



Take your skiing and riding with you

With Winter Sports you can use the same account you used for companion Windows Phone app, or your Winter Sports app account, and also load data from another popular app for tracking activities. You are presented with a simple and rich interface that allows you to check weather reports and conditions at thousands of resorts worldwide, check your stats, add your activity from Windows Phone or any other app or device, check your training schedule, find your friends and see where they ski or ride and more!


Hub for all your snow-sports activities

Winter Sports app automatically synchronizes your data with Windows Phone Ski & Ride app, for all other apps and devices, such as Strava, RunKeeper, Garmin etc, Winter Sports allows you to import that data, and also add and edit your sports activities. Essentially, Winter Sports is a hub for all your sports activities on any Windows devices.


Personal Training by Professional Ski and Snowbnoard Instructors of America

Winter Sports provides dozens of training plans: both videos and automatically tracked with Winter app for Windows Phone. Training plans keep you organized and motivated, and you can see your progress real-time as you ski or ride with Windows Phone.


Companion app for Windows Phone

Winter Sports app comes with a free companion app for Windows Phone: the app that earned raving reviews from Microsoft Phone blog, WPCentral and is included in Nokia Collection.

Feels like Winter Olympics

Winter Sports has a rich global leaderboard that immediately makes you feel like you are in the middle of Olympic Games. Compete with thousands other users of Active Fitness social network and the app will track your position on the leaderboard.


Where’s your friend?

Winter Ski & Ride is part of Active Fitness network which has 200,000+ active users, the number that grows by thousands every day. To see where your friends are, use Friend Finder feature to find your friends.


Download Winter Sports app for Windows tablets, PCs


Download Winter Ski & Ride app for Windows Phone