Team Foundation Server Build and a Permission Issue

It's 2:56am. We had a nastly little storm here earlier this evening (well, yesterday evening at this point) with a tornado sighting a few miles from our house, which has not only given us cause for concern but has also massively delayed my wife's parents in-bound flight. So here I am waiting for the phone to ring and playing with Team Foundation Server Build.

I've heard the claims that Team Foundation Server Build is real easy to get a build up and running "out of the box." For the most part it is, but there's a little stickler about permissions that took some time to figure out.

The Team Foundation Server Build service runs under the TFSSERVICE account. And while that account had appropriate permissions to the build directory and the drop directory, it was "only" granted Read and Write permissions to the file share that points to the drop directory.

For some reason unknown to me, it requires that the drop directory share grant Full Control to TFSSERVICE. The underlying file system can still be more restrictive (ie., my \Builds directory tree only grants TFSSERVICE Modify rights and not Full Control.)

I'm sure this is documented somewhere in the installation instructions. And even though I suffer from a serious case of male pattern blindness, I swear it ain't documented in TFSAdmin.chm or TFSInstall.chm.