Install Azure Log Analytics Service Map Dependency Agent



To make all this work, sometimes, it seems like a slot machine, deposit your quarter, and hope you hit the jackpot!



So to get started, you probably have a list of computers where you have the MMA agent, and want to install Service Map to see how and who the computers are talking (to)


Login to Azure Portal

Click on Log Analytics

Click on your Subscription

Click on Service Map

Click on the Download link for Windows or Linux

Save file



Take saved file and copy to computer





GUI method

If you want a PowerShell method, Daniel Orneling has a great blog and Gallery TechNet script that will help


Docs site link has more details

Execute the InstallDependencyAgent-Windows.exe


Answer yes for UAC elevation


Click I Agree


Click Finish




Verify Agent installed


 NOTE: If installing for SCOM, it's based on the Rule 'Microsoft.SystemCenter.ServiceMapImport.Rule'



get-eventlog -logname "Operations Manager" -Source "HealthService" -newest 25 | ? {$_.eventID -eq
1201 } |fl

get-service MicrosoftDependencyAgent




Event Viewer