SharePoint Management framework Private Preview


Do you have an Enterprise SharePoint farms that you manage health and performance via custom scripts?

Have you used SETH to manage SharePoint 2010 problems with the farm(s)?


Would you want a scalable tool you can add your own scripts and enable/check, and then alert on what you want?




SharePoint Engineer Troubleshooting Helper (SETH) was a Microsoft tool for SharePoint 2010

Using SETH Troubleshooting SETH



For SharePoint 2016 and 2019, the Customer Support team brought up the need for bringing back a utility to help with common SharePoint scenarios

On Premise Diagnostic (OPD) is the second generation of project (for SharePoint 2016 and 2019).


My goal was to help the Escalation Engineers have a full platform that can be implemented and is scalable for the technical community to maintain and use.


BTW, the only thing preventing 2013 SharePoint support is the dependency on WMF v5.0 or better on SharePoint servers.



SCOM management pack can be found here