Verifying Custom MP overrides are valid when updating sealed MP's


I will raise my hand when asked if I prefer Notepad++ for looking at XML (because I can shrink the sections I’m not concerned about).


Using Notepad++ (works best for color and concatenation of XML or quotes in case of syntax errors when editing)


Open Overrides management pack (XML)

Click on the (-) for Manifest

Click on the dash (-) for RelationshipTypes

Click on the dash (-) for each Discovery (if it exists)



Verify targets exist in MP’s to be updated

Scroll to the right to view the Targets of your Override management pack



If changes were overrides, look at the Monitor or Rule and verify this is in the pack to be updated



To understand which MP is being referenced, look at the example – Windows3!

Scroll to the top of your MP and click on the (+) plus sign to expand manifest



NOTE Windows3 is the server 2016 Monitoring MP



Verify your monitor/rule name still exists, and your Override should still apply

In Server Overrides MP, look at the Monitor= section for the Monitor name



Go to the Windows Server 2008 Monitoring MP and look for that monitor

There is no monitor for 2008



Alternatively, you can look at the SCOM console as well (if MP is installed)

There is NO 2008 Memory Pages per second monitor



Now to remove the override in our MP

In Notepad++, highlight the MonitorConfigurationOverride section, and delete


Rinse and Repeat

Increment the version number and import MP when finished validating overrides.