Aggreg8 - Home for IT PRos


Okay.. you're an IT Pro.  (If you're not, you're still welcome to keep reading.)  And you're tired of feeling alone in the world.  But you know that there must be some others out there like you - dealing with the same issues and same technologies; just dying to show of some new script or tool or best-practice you've discovered or developed.  So you're looking for a place to go for networking with others.

Look no further.

Aggreg8 is a site for IT Pros to mix-n-mingle.  It's like a "MySpace" (or a Windows Live Spaces) for IT Pros, complete with working groups on various topics that IT Pros get excited about.  You can setup a profile, join groups, enter posts, add favorites, share content, mix, mingle, and learn. 

"How do I get started?"

Just go to  If you don't have one already, you'll need a PassPort account to use for your authentication there, but once you're in, you can build your profile and upload your picture (or whatever Avatar you choose), and get networking!