I hope you're having as much fun as I am!

The Extended Remde FamilyI love the week after Christmas.  When I was a kid, it wasn’t getting all the presents on Christmas eve or Christmas day that was the best part of the season.  It was the days immediately AFTER Christmas when you could actually PLAY with your new toys.  And now that I’m an “adult” (some would dispute that claim), I live somewhat vicariously through my kids and their toys. 

So.. while I’ve been trying to work a little bit this week, and helping out the content development for the coming quarter of TechNet Events, I’ve also been editing family video footage, going through family Christmas photos, and compiling a DVD of my brother Carl’s wedding.  It’s nice to have a week where I can finally catch up on some of those things.  Oh.. and of course I’ve been completely available to help put together new toys or help with the instructions on some new game for my kids to enjoy, too.

“Couldn’t you fit a minute or two in to post something to your blog?”

What do you think I’m doing now? 

“Something useful for IT Pros?”

Oh… well… no. Not yet.  Sorry.  Maybe soon.  I’d say that it is a New Year’s resolution to blog more, but it’s too early to make that commitment.