VMware or Microsoft?–Are you experienced?

Well? Are you?

We start this new week of articles in our series, “VMware or Microsoft?” with a nod to the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s album and song, “Are you experienced”. 


Because whenever I hear the question, “are you certified?”, I think of professional certifications.  And when I think of professional certifications, I think of the experience that one must have (in most cases) in order to pass a certification test.  And when I think of the word “experience”, I think of this Hendrix album.

But step back a couple of thoughts in that crazy train that is my train of thought for a second…

“Ozzy Osbourne!”

Um.. huh?  Okay.  Anyway… I mentioned the topic of certifications.  And that’s exactly what Matt Hester is talking about in today’s series article.  Like me, he is also VCP 5 certified by VMware.  So he's decided to walk you through a comparison of VMware’s and Microsoft’s approach to IT professional certifications.  (HINT: There is no clear winner here.  And I think that’s a good thing.)


Crazy Train