Windows Server Administration Webcast Series



Well… I’m excited now!  And anyone of you IT Pros out there who wants some in-depth, free training on Windows Administration should be excited, too.  “Your admin skills are about to be upgraded.”


 I’ve been tagged to lead a series of 12 weekly webcasts all about the ins-and-outs of Windows Administration.  The series starts on February 9th, 2005 at 1:00 p.m. PST (4:00p.m. EST) with Administration basics, and with new topics and sessions at the same time every week, for a total of 12 hour-long events.


And that’s not all – anyone who attends these sessions and fills out a session evaluation has a chance to win some kick-butt prizes like a Portable Media Center!  (Of course I was disappointed that Microsoft Employees and their immediate families are not eligible to win… but maybe I can convince the webcast producers to give me one anyway.  I mean.. I should really have one and learn to like it if they expect me to promote this thing properly, right?  Email my boss if you think he should give me one of these.)


Anyway.. I hope that many of you will register to join me in these sessions.  Send me a Q&A note “Hi Kevin!  I heard about this on your blog!” when you’re there, too!


By the way – Did you know that another thing people really love about our webcasts is the fact that we have very knowledgeable people answering their questions LIVE while the session is happening?  Feel free to bring your laundry-list of questions and see if you can stump these folks!  They’re my teammates, and they love taking the tough questions!)


Also - Our team and others do quite a few webcasts on other topics as well, so if you’re interested in seeing the huge wealth of free training, check out



See you there!


PS – This week I am at Microsoft’s “Envision” conference, which is a week-long internal event for our worldwide technology specialists and the "technical sales" folks.  I’m actually writing this as I’m on the plane and on my way to Redmond.  I will likely continue to post new and exiting things here that I’ve learned or seen -  provided they are okay to talk about in public.  Of course I have to refrain from giving away any secrets. :)  Sorry!