A Final Note on Borland

I lamented the slow death of Borland in a recent post and was roundly assailed for it by the Borland community.  I speculated that perhaps the other shoe had finally dropped at Borland with the departure of Chief Scientist Danny Thorpe, the latest in a long line of high-profile departures and the latest example of inexplicable missteps by Borland management.  Yesterday, the other shoe really did drop.  Borland is getting out of the developer tools business.  David I. and the Dartmouth crew:  I wish you luck, but this is a sad day.  I guess Danny’s departure portended more than we knew.  I suppose it was debatable before, but the old Borland we knew and loved is soon to be no more.  So long, my friend.  I wish there was some other way, but I guess we’re past that now.