Have you checked out the book - Build Master

...I stumbled across it while doing an MSN search. I thought it was a pretty neat book - very quick and simple read yet gives good insight into good build practises. Since Vince talks alot about build processes followed by MS teams..alot of the stuff in there was already known to me, but I am sure it will be fun for non MS employees to get details about how MS builds its products ! Checkout its sample chapters.

An interesting part from the book..

"I once was asked by a test manager to summarize everything I learned about builds in one sentence. I told him that “there are no free lunches, especially in the build lab, but there might be free beer.” He told me that he was disappointed that I did not have anything deeper than that. He then said his motto was “Testers close bugs.” I knew what he meant, so I said with tongue-in-cheek, “Wow, that’s deep.” I’m not sure if he took that as a compliment or just thought I was not very funny. Regardless, he did have a good point."

Pretty deep I must say !

I was also surprised that Vince actually had a chapter on Team Build and that he used my blog content for it. And to think of it yesterday was the first time I actually spoke to him :)..its a funny thing how huge MS can sometimes be ..but its great that inspite of its size and the fact that I am in India and Vince in Redmond..it just took one email exchange and we got talking together on the future of Team Build..it indeed isnt that big a world here after all!!

Happy Reading !!