There are several good folks out there who regularly accumulate interesting links about all things .NET and other stuff on their blogs (cast in alphabetical order):

Alvin Ashcraft

Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew

.NET Development Resources from a Progressive.NET Perspective

Arjan Zuidhof

Arjan’s World

Arjan Zuidhof’s opinionated linkblog, with a hang to Alt.NET

Charlie Calvert

Charlie Calvert's Community Blog

Charlie is the C# Community Program Manager on our team and has a great series called “Community Convergence”. I hope he never runs out of roman numerals :)

Chris Alcock

Reflective Perspective

The caffeine fueled thoughts of a UK Software Developer and home of ‘The Morning Brew’

Jason Haley

Interesting Finds

Ramblings of a .Net developer .ver 3:0:0:0

Scott Guthrie

ScottGu’s Link Listing tag

Yes, ScottGu is a linkblogger!

Steve Pietrek

A Continuous Learner’s weblog

My continuous learning of .NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Delphi, Business Intelligence, Software Design and Development, Project Management, Object Oriented Development, Unit Testing, Development Tools ramblings....

And since I feel a little linkbloggy myself today, here it goes: