Random Gradient Wallpaper Generator

Oops, I did it again :) Created a new CodePlex project, that is.

Introducing http://wallpaper.codeplex.com – a simple tool to generate a nice random wallpaper and display it on your desktop with just one click:



  • Randomize - assigns random colors to all four corners
  • Set as Wallpaper - saves the picture to My Pictures\GradientWallpaper.bmp and sets the Windows Desktop wallpaper to this file. It will overwrite the file if it exists.
  • Save colors to text file - appends the RGB values of the current colors to the "colors.txt" log file in the program's directory (in case you liked the colors and want to save the colors, not the image)

You can also click on each of the four corners and pick any color yourself. There are a total of 79228162514264337593543950336 possible wallpapers that can be generated this way.


I wrote this in an evening a couple of years ago and it was just lying around, so I decided to publish it so that it doesn’t get lost. Of course, one could take WPF, MEF, Bling, pixel shaders and build it out into a super-extensible plug-in-based photoshop-like fractal-ray-tracing rendering wallpaper generator, but... For now, let’s stick with a simple WinForms app. But hey, it’s open source, feel free to contribute if you like ;)