Welcome to my new place

Hi all, it's me again. For those who don't know me, I'm a tester on the C# IDE team at Microsoft. I already had a blog outside (http://kirillosenkov.blogspot.com), but now I decided to move to blogs.msdn.com, for the sake of consistency with the rest of the team. If you were reading my old blog, you won't miss anything if you switch to this one.

To give the rest of you an idea of what I blog about, here's the list of all my postings from the previous blog:

As you can see, I'm interested in API design, language design, writing clean code, developer tools and architecture. Well, since this post already contains a lot of links, I'll go ahead and list even more random links that I find interesting. BTW I use del.icio.us to accumulate all of my links: http://del.icio.us/KirillOsenkov

  • Future Focus I: Dynamic Lookup - our own Charlie Calvert sheds the first light on the future features of C# 4.0, your feedback is much appreciated.
  • http://blogs.msdn.com/wesdyer/ - Wes, one of the most excellent technical bloggers I've ever read, started blogging again. I wanted to quote two of his latest posts, then three, then four... ah well, just go read them all! BTW Wes was interviewing me when I applied for a position in C#. I hope I wasn't too lame.
  • VSX Community Letter for January 2008 - if you want to extend Visual Studio
  • Another MindMapping Tool - I started learning WPF recently. When I first saw WPF, I realized that I was trying to invent it alone since 2004, because I needed something like this for my structured editor. In three years, I built a pretty decent graphical framework (http://guilabs.net/#Screenshots), but of course it isn't as nearly as powerful as WPF. Still, it's nice to see some of my design decisions remanifest so nicely - it gives me a good feeling that those were the right decisions. Anyway, I'm moving to WPF, farewell to GuiLabs.Canvas and GuiLabs.Controls!
  • https://seattle.codecamp.us/ - Seattle CodeCamp is this weekend. I'm finally hoping to meet Wesner Moise and hear about AI, static analysis and NStatic.
  • Source code of Visual Basic runtime has been released to public. (Vladimir) - our neighbor VB team now allows to peek inside the VB runtime
  • http://blogs.msdn.com/csharpening/ - our test teams blog (I post there too!)
  • Intentional Programming video - IP has been beaten to death even though it wasn't released yet, but I'm still inspired by the structured editor they wrote :)
  • http://convergepl.org/ - I didn't know about Converge until recently. This is another language with syntactic macros and meta-programming capabilities (see also Lisp, Boo and Nemerle). I hope some people on our team (yes, Mike, I'm looking at you!) start agreeing that meta-programming is a needed scenario; that both tooling and language need introspection capabilities (compile-time reflection). I don't even talk about Nemerle, which allows the language to mutate itself in a safe way, just a simple pluggable compiler pipeline would be a good start. Fortunately, Anders likes meta-programming and this means that our future is in good hands.
  • Project Euler - always loved math, didn't know about this one
  • PSharp - Prolog.NET - installed Prolog, started playing with it to refresh school memories (expect a post about Prolog sometime soon)
  • http://www.codeplex.com/koda - Koda (the project formerly known as Vsi) is an addin that extends and enhances the functionality of Visual Studio 2005/2008.
  • http://arjansworld.blogspot.com/ - Arjan Zuidhof has a very nice Linkblog which I browse through quite regularly
  • http://www.microsoft.com/vcsharp - last, but not least, my team's homepage!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned!