Blog anachronisms

I have been moving some of my Technet blog posts over to this blog that I think are still relevant, although, adding them now has resulted in a chronological disarray that may make my blog seem a little confusing. I hope that it should not be the case in the future since I don't plan to move anymore anytime soon. If there are any that you would like me to move across I will do so only if they do not feel too out of order.

There has been one guardian angel through all this chaos and that is Windows Live Writer. I never thought I could have been able to port the posts over so fast were it not for this wonderful piece of software. I am big fan of well-connected client applications and this one epitomizes what a true blue SAAS application should be, simple yet a super-rich client with a seamless connected experience and the install took less than 2 minutes!!! No more lost posts because the browser decided to crash or shut-down because of an update. No more not being able to write a blog post on a bus. No more copy-paste goof-ups. Just think, type, save and publish when you feel like it.

Long live "Live Writer"!