How do I contribute to the Toolkit?

We have been brainstorming ideas to get community contributions in the Toolkit for almost a year now. After long deliberation we now have a plan and would like to try it out.

If these are some questions on your mind?

  • How do I fix a bug in the Toolkit?
  • How do I add a new feature to a Toolkit control?
  • How do I get my control to be included in the Toolkit?

Then this document should answer them.

The Patch Utility has been very effective in getting small fixes and feature requests be included in the Toolkit. New controls, however, need more design and code review iterations before they can be released. Hence we are suggesting that they be staged as Codeplex projects. Based on the project's activity using metrics like number of downloads, feature requests, actual fixes and frequency of releases we will decide if the control should be included in the Toolkit. This will allow multiple users to submit the same control but let the users decide which one works best for them and should be a part of the Toolkit.

Hope that helps and we look forward to your contributions!