SlideShow navigation

I have written a simple example that uses the SlideShow extender and demonstrates some of its cool features.

The sample...

  • provides additional context to the user by showing the previous and next slides by hooking into the 'slideChanging' event that SlideShow exposes.
  • and it uses the images as navigation buttons to avoid overwhelming the user with too many controls. This is possible since SlideShow targets any control of type Image. I used an ImageButton instead to make it clickable.

In the example, I attach a handler to the 'slideChanging' event in the pageLoad function. The handler updates the previous image using the SlideShowEventArgs parameter that is passed to it. SlideShowEventArgs exposes the previous and next slide objects out of which I use the previous slide to update the previous image. Check out the attached zip. It just a proof of concept, not super-refined and could do with a lot of help in the visual department.

Are there other simple customizations of Toolkit controls that you would like to see? Let us know.