Toolkit: New and improved!

The latest version of the Toolkit is out. Try it out now.

What's so great about this release? This release is particularly special since we had very active Toolkit contributor participation. We also got contributions in the form of patches that allowed us to fix issues which we would not have considered otherwise due to lack of resources. More than 40 bugs out of a hundred odd fixed in this release were handled by the Toolkit contributors! I will let the numbers speak for themselves.

What's new? Features like dynamic context support for web services, design mode support for Tabs and page methods, generic Animation support built into controls that use PopupBehavior, a ScriptCombiner that makes downloads of pages using the Toolkit faster with fewer round trips, events all across that users can hook into to customize their Toolkit control usage, AutoComplete customization and multi-word support and I am sure I am missing more. Oh yeah, the control icons! Way more interesting and helpful than the standard blue spinning gear. 

What got fixed? Validators and Toolkit extenders now work well together, ModalPopup issues in absolute and relative positioning scenarios have been fixed for most common cases, MaskedEdit plays well with ValidatorCallout and Calendar, and the list goes on; you can find it all on the release page.

What? No new controls?!  A lot of users who were looking forward to new controls in this version may be a tad disappointed. However, we wanted to focus on adding new features and improving the quality of existing controls in the Toolkit before we moved on to treading new territory. We have some new controls in the making already but we are making sure that they pass the high quality bar before we release them.

We hope this release works out well for you and we look forward to solving a lot more issues in the future ones. If you have any questions or concerns do let us know.