Behind the camera on Channel 9, take 2

Since my blog post Behind the camera on Channel 9 last November, I have been behind the camera on Channel 9 for three video interviews with Visual Studio 2005 team members before I moved to the Windows Live Platform team in late February:

Cameron Slade - QA Testing of Developer Tools
Ken Levy interviews Cameron Slade who is the Test Manager on the VS Data team. The topic is on how Microsoft tests developer tools internally (process, tools, feedback, etc.) which directly relates to most of Microsoft QA (quality assurance). Discussion and demos about how QA test works at Microsoft including details of test cases, automation abstractions, bug reports, product feature impact, and how design and development works in the product development cycle.

Scott Nonnenberg - Visualizers in VS 2005
Ken Levy takes his camcorder into the office of Scott Nonnenberg, a program manager on the C# team, to discuss using Visualizers in VS 2005 debugging. The demos include easy steps to create your own custom Visualizers.

Developer Solutions Team - Demos of MSBee, Managed Stack Explorer, and TFS Administration Tool
The Developer Solutions team invited Ken Levy over to check out their first 3 power toys for Visual Studio 2005. In this video, you’ll meet the team and catch demos of MSBee, Managed Stack Explorer, and the TFS Administration Tool.

Many of the Developer Solutions Team members in the VS 2005 power toys video (above) blogged about the video they are in (video is conference room meeting style meeting):

On the topic of the most viewed Channel 9 videos and some of my favorites in front of and behind the camera... If you go to the Video blog on Channel 9 and select the Most Views dropdown for the Arrange Item field, you'll see that at the time of this posting that the video of Scoble interviewing me for the First look at Visual FoxPro 9 video just passed 250,000 views - now ranked #5 out of 750 videos on Channel 9 (top 1% most viewed on Channel 9). My favorite Channel 9 video where I'm in front of the camera is the video of Scoble interviewing me in Showing off his gadgets - a fun one under 4 minutes talking geek talk about portable media devices and high quality headphones, which has just under 20,000 views. My favorite Channel 9 video where I'm behind the camera is Channel 9 Behind the Scenes video where I interview Channel 9 team members Robert Scoble and Charles Torre - with just over 20,000 views to date. It appears that the videos that are viewed the most are the ones that are linked to on various blogs and web sites since the link visibility remains high compared to links scrolling off the Channel 9 home page.